How To Deal With Air Conditioning Repair And Troubleshooting

Everyone loves their air conditioner. During the summer when the sun is at its hottest and the humidity is to die for, everyone is getting the most use out of their air conditioner as possible. One of the worst things that can happen during these terribly hot days is for your air conditioning unit to go out unexpectedly. What do you do then? Call for air conditioning repair? What if the entire unit needs replaced?


When it comes to situations like these, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Before calling aircon repair Singapore professionals you might want to try and troubleshoot the problem yourself. Now, there are several ways that you can do so and different problems you can check for.

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How To Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioning Unit


  1. Check The Air Con Wall Panel –


The very first thing that you should check when your air conditioner is acting up or not working at all is the wall panel in which you control the central air system. If you notice that the wall unit is not working properly or is not working at all then you should check the circuit breaker to make sure that the fuse is good.


If the problem continues then you will need to call an air conditioner repair service professional to figure out where the electrical problem is occurring.


  1. Have You Tried Turning The Power Off And Back On? –


For basically any kind of troubleshooting a technician will ask if you have tried turning the power off and back on to see if that can jumpstart the system. Always try this before you call an air con specialist.


  1. The Air Con Power –


The next most important issue to check is to make sure that the power is set to on, either on the condenser or on the furnace. If it is simply an issue with the power being turned off, then it is a simple as turning the power back on.


Another power issue we see often is the most simple mistake of all, making sure that the wall unit is set to cold air and not just on fan mode. This issue has become more and more common with the more complicated wall units and digital systems that are on the market. Don’t waist your time and money calling an air conditioner repair specialist for an issue as simple as this.


  1. Have You Checked The Filter? –


When the filter has become overused and clogged it can start to dampen the system. Basically the cold air is getting past the clog in the air filter. So making sure that the filter has been cleaned or recently changed is always a good first step. Changing your air con filter is easy as one, two, three and the new filter should have proper instructions on how to put it in.


  1. The Outside Compressor Might Need Cleaned –


Even though this job is not as simple as turning the power off and back on or as simple as changing the filter, this is still a much more welcome situation then if you are dealing with faulty wiring. So when it comes to air conditioning repair we recommend that you try to clean the outside compressor before calling an electrician to start tearing holes in your walls and rewiring the entire system.

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All in all there are many simple ways to check your unit before calling an air conditioning repair specialist or an electrician. Try these five tips before wasting your time and money trying to repair your air conditioning unit.

How To Deal With Air Conditioning Repair And Troubleshooting Comments

  1. Thank you for the post on how to deal with air conditioning repair and troubleshooting. I definitely think a good idea is to learn to check the filter for yourself. Checking and cleaning the air filter is a relatively easy step that can help alleviate some problems with the HVAC unit. If there is more cleaning to be done or the filter is not the problem, then you should hire a professional to come and check out the unit.

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