9 Most Common Training Method Every Company Should Do

Training is a crucially important aspect for a business. It improves the skills of the employees to become productive and effective. Training involves platforms and materials to effectively impart to employees important life and technical lessons. These are some of the most effective training methods businesses can use:


In a seminar, there is usually one person who conduct the lecture regarding the topic of the training. The organizer can invite a resource speaker who has a background and proficiency in the theme of the seminar. The speaker will provide tips, tricks, and advice on how to better their skills. The speaker can also talk about his or her life experiences and how he or she has been through circumstances which lead him or her to success.


Workshops involve putting in action what the guests learned. This is an interactive way of insight-sharing and training. Apart from the lecture, workshops usually have practices, simulation, games and team building sessions. The participants may also be asked to answer a questionnaire and evaluation sheets to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

On-The-Job Training

This training method is considered one of the most effective as it exposes participants to the actual work. It combines observation, experience, analysis and problem-solving on the actual environment of the job. Trainees should go through their job description and perform them as if the trainees were hired employees. This is the part when trainees can put to action all their learning.


This is a more personal approach of training individuals as it follows a one-on-one system. Trainees can open up about their strengths, weaknesses and experiences. This type of training is performed by coaches, mentors, and consultants.

Group Discussions

Unlike seminar, this type of training is more likely to be in a classroom setting in which a group of five to 10 trainees gathers to discuss and brainstorm. A group discussion would allow trainees to ask questions and provide thoughts on how the program would work best and how to improve themselves. It also encourages trainees to voice different ideas.

Management Games

Management games mimic real-life issues encountered in the workplace. They attract all types of trainees including those who are active, reflective and practical. Management games may include computer simulations of business situations, board games and other creative games involving the workplace.

Outdoor Bootcamps

If you want your training to be beyond interactive, fun and adventure-filled, you can try outdoor boot camps. This type of training involves bringing the participants to the wilderness and engage in activities that will measure their problem-solving and practical skills. This may follow low-impact or high-impact programming depending on the type of training.

Case Studies

If you want to assess the level of understanding and comprehension of the participants, you may ask them to conduct case studies. They will be able to develop analytical and problem-solving skills.

Online Learning

With the use of technology, training can be very advanced now. There are various learning platforms and modules that can be readily available for trainees. They can be customized to perfectly hone the skills of the participants depending on your needs and preferences.

What is your most favorite training method?

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