5 Types of Nonprofit Organizations

A nonprofit organization is a group formed by people who are driven towards a certain not-for-profit goal. The income of these organizations are not distributed to the people but invested to their organization to grow and expand their cause.

Here are five types of nonprofit organizations:


There are nonprofit organizations that are centered on providing education services to adults and children to assist them in improving their skills and learning knowledge. This includes day care centers, schools, colleges, and universities, as well as specialized learning facilities. These organizations provide various educational opportunities to individuals who may not be able to afford a proper education. Nonprofit educational organizations can create awareness about the status quo of individuals who cannot go to school thus seeking out to those who can help these people.


Some nonprofit organizations specialize in helping individuals perform research to assist different areas which include medicine, environment, social, cultures and even wildlife and climate. The goals of these organizations are to improve the condition of human beings. These may include finding a cure for certain diseases, improve rainforests and ecosystems, save endangered species and raise awareness about HIV. Their role is important to contribute to the growing book of knowledge and discoveries.


This is one of the most common types of nonprofit organization which focuses on developing programs and raising awareness about certain issues in various communities. Communities include child care, health, recreational, indigenous people, women, and LGBT, among others. They are driven by vision and mission to help these communities and teach them how to survive and deal with the society. Some community-driven organizations are funded and supported by huge corporations and even the government.


There are nonprofit organizations who promote and support all forms of art including music, dance, and theater. They conduct creative and artistic endeavors such as orchestras, symphonies, theater presentations, dance competitions, art galleries and more. They also provide youth services to educate children about art and open their interest to these areas. Fundraising is often their avenue to provide performances and conduct community events.


Some nonprofit organizations are established and operated by religious organizations. They are involved in providing services to specific communities, cultures and religious organization supports. They may offer food, shelter, housing, free education and other services that address needs. Nonprofit religious organizations have the ability to create effective awareness through their churches and community events.

Sometimes, it is a struggle for these nonprofit organizations to survive. Thus, they seek help from other organizations who are also supporting their respective causes.

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