The success of TACS in helping achieve the success of the nonprofit organizations would not be possible without the help of most amazing and good-hearted individuals and groups who are also driven in achieving a more livable and successful society. We would like to recognize and thank the following organizations, companies, and individuals for their commitment and continued support of TACS’ mission. Without this support, many of our programs, workshops, and events would not be possible.

Foundation Supporters

TACS has been supported by various foundations and institutes in making our services possible. They have provided funds for us to successfully conduct training and workshops for our nonprofit organizations. They have lent their talents and resources to spread the knowledge and the spirit of goodness towards each and every one.


TACS has been surrounded by kind and generous sponsors. These banks, foundations, and organizations have partnered with us to also portray that they share the same goals and objectives of our beloved nonprofit organizations, and that is to serve and love the people. TAC is hoping that more and more sponsors will reach their hands to us to provide quality services for the people.


TACS has also partnered with associations, commissions, volunteers, development professionals, consulting companies and various organizations to make our events possible. They have generously lent their talents and resources to use to support our cause of helping nonprofit organizations.

Circle of Friends

These leaders provide critical financial, advisory, and community support to ensure TACS can continue to effectively support Oregon’s nonprofit community. We thank them for their generosity and vision.