How Computers Dramatically Changed Our Lives?

Today, we cannot imagine how life is without computers. We cannot deny that computers helped our lives greatly. Everything seems convenient as everything is computerized. Computers have a huge impact in how we grow and continue to exist in this world. Let us take a look at how computers influence and improve certain areas in our lives.


Education has drastically improved since the onset of computers. Educators can be creative with their lectures through computers which provide a virtual reality to students about science, history and other subjects. Students can have a personalized learning experience as they will be hands on with technology. With the internet, the access to information has been more convenient as various learning opportunities and platforms can be found on the computer. Computers became a tool for students to have an interactive way of learning.


Gone are the days when you have to write a letter and go to the nearest telephone station. Computers improved communication in a way that it uses internet and technology to reach out to people worldwide. With social media and other communication platforms and software, people can message and call each other instantly, see one another through video chat, gather in large groups, send photos and e-mail. Definitely, with computer and technology, you can reach anyone in a matter of seconds.

Health Care

Computers have improved medical services in health sectors. Data management is very important for hospitals. Before, they have large shelves that consist of the database of all the patients since the establishment of the hospital. It was complicated to manually look for their files. Now, hospitals can store the background and other valuable information of their patients in just a few clicks. This enables them to deliver effective medical services and better response to emergency situations. Moreover, computers are also part of the operations of the doctors – surgery, vital sign check, mapping, analyzing and other health procedures.


Through the use of the computer, law enforcement agencies can monitor almost everything in their area of responsibility. Computers provide advanced security systems to better communication and alert systems. There have been CCTVs, surveillance and computer mapping, among others to get rid of the bad guys in our society. Computers also provide security to businesses and other sectors including finance, governance, and economy.


There is no doubt that businesses need computers. Computers and technology increase their efficiency and productivity. Computers can act as a brain to do functions that workers cannot perform. Computers improve database systems, communication, business structuring, presentation, and security. It can provide the essential digital solutions to have a successful business. Operations have become faster and more automated to maximize the services and the business operations.

Utility Facilities

Computerization has provided more efficient and effective delivery of services of utility facilities. Transportation and water and power providers use computers to automate functions to maintain or improve the quality of their services.

Computers have come a long way. Gone are the days when you have to manually do things by yourself. Can you live without computer and technology?

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