With our passion to serve nonprofit organizations, we provide various services tailored to all your specific needs. It is also our goal to be part of the success of your organization in helping communities to improve the society. Here are some of the services that TACS provide:

Public Trainings

TACS conduct more than 200 training events every year. We are dedicated to providing relevant, accessible, high-quality training that addresses issues from technology to budgeting to managing staff. We have trusted experts and professional consultants who can provide you insightful inputs to help you deliver your services. Our training and peer networks support nonprofit leaders, staff, board members, volunteers, and consultants. We aim that your organization can gain the skills and knowledge needed to fuel your organization.

Consulting Services

Our expert consultants are here to help you solve many nonprofit challenges. We assist you in every procedure that your organization is undergoing. We have expertise in marketing, project management, event management and strategic planning. We make sure that our consultancy services will be custom-tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Nonprofits need to deliver their services effectively, and we are here to work with you, behind the golden success of your organization.

Technological Integration

In this modern world, we believe that your organization should keep up with the trends of this society. The use of technology is seen to help in delivering much more efficient results. With TACS, we can help you become more productive with the use of technology. Apart from our expert consultants, we also have professional IT experts who are capable of addressing your automation and technological needs.