The 10 Commandments of Computer Care

Computers are similar to humans. They also need care and maintenance to function properly. It is important to follow a basic computer care routine to keep our PCs working.

Here are the 10 commandments on how to care for our computers:

Install antivirus and firewall

Humans can be vulnerable to a virus that can lead to certain diseases. Computers too are at risk to virus and malware. It is very important to install an antivirus software that will detect and block virus, malware and other harmful components to your computers and laptops.

Update software regularly

Software in your PC keeps functions to run smoothly. It is important to update your software regularly. PCs provide updates to fix bugs and glitches that affect the functions and security of the computer.

Run computer maintenance

PCs have certain maintenance options to protect itself from threats. One of the practical ways to conduct computer maintenance is by defragmenting hard drives and cleaning registry. This will help your computers and laptops work faster.

Declutter and uninstall

To decrease workload and storage consumption, get rid of old files that you do not use and need anymore. Perform disk cleanup to delete temporary files. Make sure that you organize your files and folders in the drives. Empty your recycle bin as well. Lastly, uninstall programs and software that you do not use.

Backup your files

We do not know if something happens to our computers. As early as now, always backup your files to storage devices like external hard drives, compact discs and flash drives. Apart from your internal drive, save your files, photos, and videos to a separate storage.

Preserve your battery

Laptop batteries will only last for a certain time. Do not leave your battery charging all the time. When the battery is done charging, make sure you unplug the cable. It is also recommended that you charge your battery fully before unplugging the power cable. As much as possible, do not use the laptop while charging.

Keep your computer cool

Computers are like humans too. They do not function well if exposed to too much heat. Make sure that you place your computer in a cool place to encourage airflow and prevent overheating. You can also invest in cooling pads or fans.

Avoid eating while using PC

Many of us eat while using our computers. As much as possible, stop this habit! Eating may allow crumbs to get into our computer which would invite insects and destroy the internal parts of our PC.

Clean your computer

Remove specks of dust that surrounds your computer. You should also clean the screen using soft cloth or wipes specifically made for electronics.

Invest in your PC

You can buy a surge protector to prevent overheating of PCs. Also, make sure that your laptops or computers are covered with cases that protect them from dents, scratches and other external threats.

Prevention is better than cure, so as early as now, take care of your computers and laptops. Fixing them may be costly and will not guarantee full recovery of your PCs.

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